Januar 2017 - Golnar & Mahan in Jeunesse Program 

Jeunesse Concert Series "Farbenspiel"

21.01.2017/Graz/Oper Graz
20.01.2017/Innsbruck/Freies Theater
15.01.2017/Vienna/Vienna Konzerthaus
14.01.2017/Vienna/Vienna Konzerthaus
13.01.2017/Wels/Musikschule Wels Herminenhof
12.01.2017/Wels/Musikschule Wels Herminenhof

Golnar & Mahan New CD coming out








Our new CD is coming out in Spring 2017. Together with Mahan Mirarab and Golnar Shayar , who collaborate for some years already we have recorded new pieces. There will be features of renowned musicians  such as Erkan Ogur, Alain Perez and Kaveh Sarvarian in the CD.   

Aseman Debut Concert

ASEMAN Debut Concert - 13. November 2016 @ Klezmore Festival, Wiener Metropol

with Hadar Noiberg, Golnar Shayar, Mahan Mirarab and Rina Kacinari


Concerts in Iran

Looking very forward to playing some concerts in Iran with the amazing Golnar Shayar and Mahan Mirarab,

21.07.2016    Tehran/Azadi Tower

22.07.2016    Tehran/Azadi Tower

24.07.2016    Tehran/Austrian Culture Forum

25.07.2016    Tehran/Austrian Culture Forum 

26.07.2016    Bandar Abbas    

28.07.2016    Shiraz      

New Video with Golnar & Mahan
Mor Karbasi Europe Tour 2016

Happy to take part in this tour of the Israelian singer Mor Karbasi, with Jorge Bravo(guitar) and Bassist Kai Eckhardt(John McLaughlin; Trilok Gurtu, ...)

20.05.16 Langenau Pfleghofsaal
21.05.16 Innsbruck/A Treibhaus
22.05.16 Freiburg Jazzhaus
24.05.16 Wien/A Sargfabrik
25.05.16 Stuttgart Theaterhaus
27.05.16 Zürich/CH Moods
28.05.16 Aachen Aula Einhard Gymnasium
29.05.16 Den Hague/NL Korzo Theatre
31.05.16 Paris/F New Morning 
01.06.16 Rosazzo/I Abazzia di Rosazzo


New Video with Mahan Mirarab